Membership Page

Membership applications or renewals can be done through our membership application site here:  Membership Site

If you are applying for membership for the first time you are asked to email the club Chair first via the email link on the Contact us page . This to ensure we are able to deliver what you are looking for in a paddle sport club.

We may ask for some details and information from you if you apply to join the club without prior contact just to check out your requirements can be met by the club.  Thank you for your understanding.

Finally, to join our club and paddle with us, you MUST hold Canoe Wales (or British Canoeing) membership as a Club Associate as a minimum.  Please go to Canoe Wales and follow their joining process.

May is the renewals for existing memberships, during this time we will close down any new applications until we have a clear idea of how many members we have renewing so we are sure we can continue to operate efficiently with the level of new members we may get.