Child Protection

Child Protection Policy

Information from British Canoeing for parents regarding child protection in sports clubs

Colwyn Canoe Club believes that all children have a right to enjoy the sport of canoeing free from abuse, discrimination or bullying of any kind.
In order for us to achieve this aim we have a Child Protection Policy and 
we ensure all volunteer adults and coaches who are regularly working with children within the club have undergone a DBS (Formerly CRB) or equivalent check to ensure that they have no convictions that would prevent them from working with children (as defined by the requirements of Canoe Wales). Where applicable safeguarding training shall also be undertaken.
We have a nominated safeguarding officer within the club who helps ensure that our policy works in practice and to whom children can talk to about any concerns.

The safeguarding officer for Colwyn Canoe Club is Stuart Baldwin (as of May 2022) and can be contacted direct on 07415 402329.
Alternatively any concerns can be raised with our Chairman Andy Jones (07756 261 562) or any other officers of the club.

Photography – no photography is allowed at any time in areas such as changing rooms, shower areas etc of the Pool. Some photography and video recording does take place during coaching sessions (including pool sessions) and club trips. We would advise all our members of the need for care and appropriate behaviour when making such recordings. If anyone has an objection to recordings (either photographic or video) being made during our trips or coaching sessions then please let our safeguarding officer, the coach in charge of such events or the chairman of the club know.

We always follow current best practice when teaching or coaching children.
Please help us to achieve a child friendly environment by coming canoeing with your child. If this is not always possible then please;

  • Arrange for your child to get to any events safely and on time.
  • Pick them up promptly after any event.
  • Supervise your children whilst changing, travelling and when not in any directly supervised coaching session. If this is not possible then please arrange for a suitable adult to act for you in this role.

Do not ask one of our coaches or adult volunteers to fulfil any of theses roles as this goes against our Child Protection procedures and is unfair on our coaches, it has the potential to place them into compromising situations.
Please note that as part of canoeing – for example during coaching sessions or when rescuing somebody after a capsize – it may be necessary to physically touch, hold or assist somebody. If this is necessary our coaches will always ask that person before helping them and will only do so openly and with agreed consent (if there is a threat to the life or welfare of ANY paddler then preservation of the paddler takes priority over consent and discussion).

By signing the consent form or taking up membership of the club you will be agreeing to all of the above.

Disciplinary steps will taken by our coaches with any paddlers if their behaviour compromises the safety of others or is inappropriate using the following steps:
a) A member will be verbally warned about inappropriate / unsafe behaviour.
b) A member will be removed from an activity if the unsafe / inappropriate behaviour should continue or recur (for a period of time.)
c) A member will be removed from the water / activity and the parents guardians informed of the actions that were taken by the club.

This matter will be referred to the club committee.
By working together we can ensure that Colwyn Canoe Club is a child friendly and safe environment for all children and young people to enjoy the sport of canoeing.

Our Child protection policy is full endorsed and supported by the Canoe Wales – the governing body for canoeing in Wales. If you have concerns and wish to raise them outside of the club please contact Cath Sykes,
Lead Safeguarding Officer for Canoe Wales
07908 683984