Pool Sessions


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The pool sessions we run commence around September / October. We use the swimming pool at Eirias Park Leisure Centre, Colwyn Bay. The sessions  are a great way of meeting other members and the coaches of the club, it is also a good way of getting paddling time in warm clean water, albeit a little limited on space.

We prefer new, novice members to attend the pool sessions to gain some initial, basic experience and become comfortable in boats before we venture out on to outdoor paddling environments.

We recommend for the pool sessions that swim wear (water shorts, bathing costume etc)and a tee shirt are worn. Wet suits and similar “outdoor” clothing make you very hot when worn in the pool environment and are probably not the best option. In addition long time exposure of wet suits and spray decks to the chlorine in the water can damage the neoprene they are made of , it is good practice to rinse them in clean water afterwards.

We have a youtube video that shows an example of some of the activities we get up to in the pool, view the here

We try and structure the pool sessions to suit paddlers ability, age groups and an added element i the last series of pool sessions was the introduction of slalom coaching sessions.

If you are a coach and wish to assist with the pool sessions as part of your coaching level qualifications and experience please contact the club through options on the contact us page.


pool 1Club / Council Kayaks are available at Eirias Leisure Centre which we are able to use on a Friday night in the pool.

Personal Kayaks (whitewater ONLY due to space) are permitted in the pool but MUST be clean before going in the water and free of all leaves, mud twigs etc.

The pool staff do occassionally inspect kayaks for cleanliness before they’re taken into the pool, and we don’t want to lose this facility so keep ’em clean folks!

Pool Guidelines

As the sessions take place in council facilities we ask all members familiarise themselves with the council rules for using the swimming pool in conjunction with our own pool requirements.