Why Join a Club?

There are many benefits to joining a club to paddle with, especially if you are new to paddling.

There is a bewildering array of boats, equipment and terminology to confuse the novice joining our hobby ! At Colwyn Canoe Club we can help you cut through much of the confusion that may occur. We have all types of boats in our fleet that we are able to loan out to members, normally free of charge. In addition to the boats we have all of the ancillary kit that you will need to get out on the water in comfort and safety, this includes paddles, buoyancy aids, spray decks, helmets, cag tops and even wet and dry suits for all ages and sizes.

This opportunity to loan all the equipment needed enables the beginners the chance to start paddling straight away without breaking the bank on what may be the wrong equipment for the type of canoe or kayak activities you ultimately move towards. We have all done it in the early days where we naively buy kit and clothing that ends up being wrong and just gathering dust in the corner somewhere, we can help avoid those issues.

The variety of craft we own includes whitewater kayaks, sea kayaks, slalom kayaks and open canoes with lots of sizes and styles. Being a member of the club allows you to try all the different styles of boats and water types whilst loaning the equipment required for free. With retail boat prices ranging from around £700 – £3,000 and upwards it is a good way of avoiding buying costly and unsuitable kit, especially if you want to try out paddling in different boats and angles to the hobby.

Possibly the best part about being in a club, especially ours, is the friendships we can build and the great company we can have when we paddle. We have active paddlers  aged from 4 years old right up to ones who are in their 70’s. Our club has a pretty much equal mix of male and female paddlers who come from all walks of life and social backgrounds. We have coaches who are professional paddlers and others who have day time jobs but the one thing everyone involved with the club has in common is they take part voluntarily and very generously give their valuable time and skills to the club free of charge.

The coaching in the club is free to members, the only additional charges we make over the cost of membership are to cover costs of things such as pool hire or transport costs. We do levy a small charge on equipment loans to non members and other groups who sometimes loan our kit from us.

Safety is the highest priority we have, one of the golden rules of paddling is to ensure you never paddle alone, the club environment is the perfect way to conform with that rule, many of our members are highly experienced and trained in white water safety and rescue techniques and are kitted out with the correct safety equipment to suit suitable for the paddles we attend. Many of our paddlers are first aid trained and some are medical personnel in their day jobs.